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Genetic System Builder Gen2

A lot of people I talk to want to make trading systems, but their concepts fail. They struggle to find the ideas on how to get entry techniques. I was a full time trader and took 7 months to find one entry technique. Few people can afford to spend so much time on trading, but the 7 month search was very lucrative for me. A possible solution to the problem was the Genetic System Builder. These have been around for along time, but most people find genetic systems normally fail out of sample. So traders want a solution to the problem of too much time to build trading system, and the second problem of genetic systems that consistently fail. I have used most of the commercial systems builders on the market, and felt after years of experience, I could make something better. Something that has less human time and better out of sample results. GSB is also not just software, but a very clear methodology. Trading software without a good methodology is like life with no purpose. It doesn't work so well. Trademaid's first Genetic system builder, was used to make what was recently Futures Truth top day trading system under the category "TOP TEN FOR THE LAST 12 MONTHS".


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More and better systems

GSB produces more and better systems that competitive products with better out of sample results.

Speed is roughly 10 x comparable products X the amount of computers you are connected to.
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Architecture & design

The architecture & design of systems is unique.

The systems are produced by someone who is primarily a trader, not a software developer. Why this is good to know, is Traders often have a better idea of what works than software developers. GSB was produced not to make money selling software, but to be the tool to help me build my trading systems. GSB was designed from ground up not to make redundant or faulty architecture
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Unlimited multiple data streams

Unlimited multiple data streams can be used for indicators.

For example you can use cash indices for price data to trade the futures. You can use custom or locked Tradestation / MultiCharts code in GSB. No need to import indicator data from other data streams via csv etc.
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Cloud support

GSB can distribute load to remote & local machines

Systems can be walk forward tested and system generation can be sent to the free GSB cloud & or your own computer(s). image depicting an example of Genetic System Builder Gen2
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Unique out of sample and market validation techniques

GSB can built tens of thousands of unique systems. (Lets say 50,000) You can then establish a benchmark of out of sample results on the entire group of 50,000 systems.

From there you can tweak any setting and or parameter, and test the effect on 50,000 systems. This gives you a robust conclusion, so you know its just not a lucky curve fit.

You you can test for example, trading on 30 minute bars, compared to 15 minute. Test trading on 30 minute bars, compared to a system that is built on 29,30,31 or 25,30,35, or all 1 minute intervals from 25 to 35 minute bars. You could also test what happens if you build 50,000 systems using S&P500, Russell 2000, Midcap400, but look only at the out of sample results of S&P500.

Click on the picture below for an explanation in greater detail.

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Unsurpassed power and features in walk forwarding systems.

You can walk forward on multi time frames and or markets. Then look at the average results of all markets / time frames and the individual markets.

Walk forward's can be sent to the GSB cloud, to get much faster processing. You can do say 1000 walk forwards, and see the out of sample average results on all 1000 systems.

This will prove or disprove if walk forward works out of sample.

Click on the picture below for an explanation in greater detail.

GSB walk forwards can be exported to Enhanced Walk Forward Optimizer (EWFO) and or Tradestation's walk forward optimizer.

EWFO has a massive amount of unique walk forward tools.

Walk forwards can automatically use a % variation of the original parameters, or the entire range of parameters a indicator is programmed to use.


You can then walk forward the top 1000 systems, and see what the out of sample results are of systems that use the walk forward parameters Then compare the same systems to those that are not walk forwarded.

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Validating systems

Verification of systems on multi time frames, and symbols.

Shown here is a silver futures system on 12 other markets, and 2 other time frames. Parameters are all unchanged.

image depicting an example of Genetic System Builder Gen2