There is a free S&P 500 system that comes with the trial version of GSB. The same system has also been ported to the NASDAQ.

see How to get the free GSB S&P500 & Nasdaq futures day trading systems

Out of sample results are now 3 years old, and are good. See

GSB purchasers get Crude oil, natural gas, soybeans systems too.

They are found on the private forum here.

The results for all systems out of sample are here.


GSBsys1Es is a day trading system for the emini S&P500 futures market. This was the first system made by GSB in April 2017.

The unlocked code is free to all GSB trial users.

Download zipped MHT file here

My focus is not selling systems, but building systems for my own trading. However there has been strong demand in the GSB user base to purchase

GSB and non GSB systems

See this link for systems to purchase.