Ultra-quick guide.

For GSB version 64.45

This version may differ from the trial version. Contact support if you  want to try a newer version of GSB. The trial version gets updated ever 2 to 3 months.

GSB purchasers can get updates roughly once per week.

This is a very quick overview of the most important GUI features.

It is NOT a guide how to use GSB, but is a quick guide on the most important features.

For a quick Guide how to use GSB, see this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvM9ydB0LK8&t=7s

There are more options when advanced mode under tools is set to true, and those are discussed on "GSB advanced mode"

The simplest (but not the fastest) option is to run GSB standalone. See this link for more details.

You can run a stand-alone version of GSB, or run numerous GSB workers on the same or different machines. A high end CPU will be significantly faster running up to 9 workers simultaneously. Your will need a lot  of ram should you run numerous copies of GSB. (16 GB +++)

If you have GSB on the defaults, click the Green run button, it should build systems.

The best markets are S&P 500 & Crude Oil futures, Natural Gas. (day trading)

The red button will stop GSB. The yellow button will pause GSB.

Trading system(s) can be exported into Tradestation or Multicharts.

See Script (TS&MC) below.


This is very important to read and follow. Click here.

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