Genetic System Builder Generation 2.

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A lot of people I talk to want to make trading systems, but there concepts fail.
They struggle to find the ideas on how to get entry techniques. I was a full time trader and took 7 months to find one entry technique. Few people can afford to spend so much time on trading, but the 7 month search was very lucrative for me.
A solution to the problem was the Genetic System Builders. These have been around for along time, but most people find genetic systems normally fail out of sample. So traders want a solution to the problem of too much time to build trading system, and the second problem of genetic systems that consistently fail.
I have used most of the commercial systems builders on the market, and felt after years of experience, I could make something better. Something that has less human time and better out of sample results. GSB is also not just software, but a methodology. Trading software without a good methodology is like
life with no purpose. It doesn't work so well.

Trademaid's first Genetic system builder, was used to make what was recently Futures Truth top day trading system under the category "TOP TEN FOR THE LAST 12 MONTHS"

It has the following advantages.

Produces more and better systems that competitive products.

Speed will be roughly 10 x comparable products.

Priced to be affordable for retail traders.

The architecture & design of systems will be unique. The systems are produced by someone who is primarily a trader, not a software developer. Why this is good to know, is Traders often have a better idea of what works than software developers.

Multiple data streams can be used for indicators. For example you can use cash indices for price data to trade the futures in your indicators. No need to import indicator data from other data streams via csv etc.

Systems can be walk forward test, and later builds will have support to load share across multiple computers for enhanced speed.

The ability to look for specific type of system, or genetically further improve a current one.

The ability to discard a certain type of system. You may not want systems very similar to what you already have.

Free trial users will also get GSBsystem1ES. Click in picture below to download walk forward report.

Purchasers will also get GSBsystem2ES, GSBsystem6ES.

Futures Truth Q4 2016 

Product road map.

Now with cloud power processing. Febuary 2018

Genetically produce trading systems. Done Feb 2017

Filter outputs by performance metrics. For example net profit, profit factor, pearson's correlation to a straight line. Done.

Export output to Tradestation code. Done Feb.. 27 2017. Improved April 19 2017.

Addition of Training, test & validation segments of data. Done March 2017.

Support multiple symbols to build systems on simultaneously. Done March 15 2017.

Support multiple data streams. Done March 20 2017.

Add ram optimization. Partially done April 2017.

Add option to remove all duplicate systems, if the parameters are different, but systems the same. Done April 19 2017.

Release of Alpha build. Done April 2 2017.

Automated Walk forward the best systems. Done May 10 2017.

Additional Ehlers indicators Done May 26 2017

Add additional system filters in the architecture. Done May 2017

Release of Release build. June 2017.

Adding custom indicators, even if your Tradestation/Multihcharts code is locked. Done August 2017.

Stress test systems. One of the methods of stress testing will be very unique.

User interface enhancements. Done frequently.

Add MT5, Ninja trader & AmiBroker output. Coming.

Multi computer processing support. Done Sep 2017

Submit to support button. (upload config & diag info) December 2017

Release 2 build. December 2017.



Click HERE to see youtube intro video (14 minutes)

Click here to see a quick start video (5 minutes)

Click HERE to see a speed and out of sample results comparison to Adaptrade Builder

Click HERE for a video about Walk Forwards optimization

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