1) It is recommend you subscribe to these topics on the forum.

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2) The GSB methodology is the most important thing to understand. You may be a guru in trading, but that doesn't make you a guru on how to get the best system out of GSB.

This will be updated from time to time. This video covers similar material.

GSB documentation is updated regularly.

3) You will need to have a quick read of resource monitor documentation, and email in your two rego codes.

RM auto updates GSB to the newest version. Do not UN-install the trial version of GSB. Resource manager will only update GSB, but it must have the old GSB files present.

4) There are discounts of additional GSB on the day your purchase, plus additional bundled discounts here.

Currently there is no significant marketing for GSB apart from the GSB client base. Please like the videos and spread the word on forums about GSB. More sales lead to more resources to improve GSB.