New features.

Cut down version of new features per build. More detail can be found in the individual topics on the other GSB help topics.

see the end of this post for much more detail. 2021-04-13

more macros.

more indicators in beta tester mode.

most common walk forward type.

refinements to custom parameters.

More features for GSB automation.

more macros

many more indicators in beta tester mode.

custom parameters.

New entry types.

Many refinements and new features.

1.058.62  2020-07-28

Lots more features for GSB automation.

More macros for

More indicators in beta tester mode.

A lot of language code removed as it caused bugs.

1.058.16  2020-05-28

Almost complete work on German, Italian and many other languages inside GSB

Almost complete tertiary filters.

Updates for Ninja trader

bug fixes.

1.057.80  2019-12-18

Total of 100 indicators (in beta tester mode - GSB purchasers only)

Additional macro features.

Additional code needed for NinjaTrader

Bug fixes

1.056.15  2019-12-18

Partial settings macro, bug fixes. Improvement in the data manager.

1.056.04  2019-12-3

Ninja Trader fully working and documented. New default settings.

1.055.63 2019-10-15

Improved macro start building systems when CPU is low

Significant reduction in ram usage

Bug fixes

improvement in random noise data.

Improved statistics of indicators used - & more improvements to come.

1.055.08 2019-9-10

New entry type CrossDualLevels

bug fixes, more work on NinjaTrader


Features needed for GSB Benchmarking program

Secondary filter now has option to be set to automatic. The actual secondary filter used will be used from new settings in contracts field.

more work on Ninja trader.

1.054.81 / 2019-8-20

Secondary filter Closed-average(close,x)[1]

bug fixes

more work on Ninja trader.

1.054.65 / 2019-8-13

In-complete support for Ninja Trader

Entry modes AnyIndicatorCrossed, AllIndicatorCrossed,NoConflictsCross.

Weights & entry level mode using signp function, and power option.

Option to Not WF optimize any weight, indicator value and more.

Degradation in sample vs out of sample per system.

1.054.44 / 2019-7-19

Family functions.

Further improvements of reporting graphs

1.054.27 / 2019-7-12

Degradation stats per system

Further refinements in AI-WF

Further refinements in WF graph

Option of auto dates under app settings / 2019-07-06

Export of group trade-list export to Portfolio Analyst and CSV

refinements in AI-WF

refinements in WF graph / 2019-07-02

First part of AI-wf done

Graph of amount of WF in progress / complete over time.

Graph of systems built over time

bug fixes / 2019-06-25

Improved macro features

bug fixes

new entry type

Astab-w and wstab-w feature, and ability to make astab it little more tolerant of change in parameters. / 2019-06-15

More graphs in C/US

Macros can now add systems that pass vs and vss metrics. / 2019-06-15

Fitness added in C/US graph

bug fixes / 2019-06-12

Macro log in top of user interface.

More work on macros.

SignPower and SignLog weights added.

c#/us graph up the top right. / 2019-05-29

WF via macros now waits till all WF completed.

Macro comments and message log

Operand + with tan function

Random noise added to data (optional) / 2019-05-27

Expiry date of code set to 6 Sept 2019

WF via macros / 2019-05-22

Improvements to how hard WF are sent to workers.

WF can now be done for EWFO / 2019-05-28

Macro comments, and display in GUI

Systems can be built with nth no trade, then automatic NthAll done in workers. This speeds up GSB methodology for building systems greatly.

(under app settings, optimization)

Count of number of systems selected is on the bottom most part of the display. / 2019-05-12

Macros now have play sound, send email, add x of the best metric of your choice to favorites.

Bottom of GUI has number row rows selected. / 2019-05-12

Macros now can cancel immediately. Cancel active user task can now cancel all user tasks (but not WF)

Some bug fixes. / 2019-05-10

We can now build systems with weight of 1 only, then use soft coded variables in walk forward. / 2019-05-06

"-" operand added.

Stats G&H added

Favorites C &D added (if enabled under GUI in app settings)

Manager now uses less ram and CPU / 2019-05-01

Macros can be saved and loaded / 2019-04-28

Bug fixes / 2019-04-23

Bug fixes, including walk forward bug fix / 2019-04-18

Bug fixes

Operand + brackets added. / 2019-04-15

Bug fixes. / 2019-04-10

Session time now like TS/MC

Fix of bugs with setexitonclose, 29,30, 31 min bars when the bar periods are not perfectly divisible with the central time frame (30)

Maximum adverse and maximum favorable excursion added. / 2019-04-05:


Indicator statistics / 2019-04-01:
Replaced start/end date in price files window by start/end date in opt. set grid.
Implemented and fixed favorite C/D.
Implemented Completed status in workplace managers.
A fix for workplaces grace period on optimization completed (as with paused and stopped).
A minor fix for managers status (initialized, searching, running).
Implemented Macros.
Added Tools --> Macro to the main menu.
Added opt. set info (ex. header text, icon color, etc.) to exceptions logged and invalid opt. set error-messages (ex. invalid price data).
A minor update to WF price data.
Replaced Toggle Checked/Unchecked button in the Export systems/parameters window by two buttons.
Implemented statistics C-F.
Updates Help to go to
Minor fix in start/pause/stop buttons enabled property.

Multiple small GUI fixes and updates.
implemented keyboard shorts cuts for macros, optimizer settings, advanced settings, GSB resources / 2019-03-11:

Export of indicators used, so you can validate which indicators are the best. See this video, Market Validation 3. Macros and how to automate market validation and find the best and worst indicators. New April 2019

Export now has csv tab separated, csv "," separated, and clipboard tab separated. Clipboard tab separated can go straight into excel.

The is an option of left menu to allow some duplicate systems. This might be useful if you are doing indicator validation of only one indicators.

We now can make a trading system, and or validate with only one indicator. Lower limit was 2 in the past.

Bug fix where we cant update the dates of the data file if we want some extra time left out of sample. Change the dates in the file, then use over ride original settings. (right click the system)

Filter duplicate systems is now on the left menu under scripts. Only seen if GSB is in Admin mode. The purpose of this was to give larger sample size when only one indicator is used. / 2019-02-16:

Workers now have round icons. Manager square icons. Bug fix's. Custom fitness has an extra decimal place.

New help files and pdf included. Resource manager 20180216.1 zipped exe included in RM files. Rm documentation updated. / 2019-02-09:

Date and time filters can be applied to your data. You can reduce the dates used, and or the session hours.

ie use CL 00 to 2400 data, but make a session time 830:1430 / 2019-01-24:

Total of 7 new exits added. New TS Code. Help file updated. Bug fixes in 50.89 fixed.

One bug that new exits name in TS is too long. Remove the last 3 characters. / 2019-01-24:

5 new exits added. / 2019-01-22:
Custom Indicators logic updated to support previously saved user settings.
Stop button fix on Pause button click.
Some exceptions set hidden from users (still logged). / 2019-01-21:
Prevent folder open on the Processor Name exception.
Minor update to the exported scripts (exit labels). / 2019-01-17:
fix GSBManger not responding when 100's of WF are submitted. (Manager came good only after all WF processed) File in GSBResourceManager now / 2019-01-17:
Force custom indicator fixed. Some exceptions errors fixed.
WF astab and rstab now in unique systems grid, so can be used to derive stats.
Fix WF coulomb sort.

50.79 Released only via GSBresourceManager
Has improvements in WF cloud reliability. / 2019-01-12:
A fix (exception trap) for cases where GSB cannot read processor name.
A fix for sound/app (ex. ding.wav) file not found (by try to locate missing file in GSB's local folder).
A fix for systems leak from previous manager settings.
Implemented more effective public cloud usage
OptimizePriceData default set to false.

50.74 Jan 11 2019 Released only via GSBresourceManager
Worker's max process priority restricted to BelowNormal.
Slow/Hung cloud WF fix.
Minor UI update in WF curves.

Jan 09 2019 GSB 50.73
a worker can be run with /min after the command line to run minimized state.
Needed for GSBResourceManager. Not released yet.

Updates in  build (v50.40)

1. CloseLessPrevCloseDBpv (x 20) and CloseOverPrevCloseD (/ 50) level range normalized to 0:100:2.5 to match GA

2. ShareKeys default set to gsbcloud1_password1234, gsbcloud3_password1234

3. Auto include last week exceptions (max 200 files, most recent) on support ticket

4. Replaced CounterTrend (used in old/saved systems only) by CounterTrend2 (used in new systems), compatibility preserved.

5. Normalized CounterTrendUN2 (by 2x-100) to use range of 0:100:2.5 and match GA and other CloseD based SFs

6. Contracts list updated

7. Implemented SMPT and encrypted username/password in app settings.

8. Implemented Favorite B.

9. Set "SF-Indic. Weight" and "SF-Entry Level" parameters hidden from users, at least temporarily to avoid users' confusion (as with closed BPV * 20) until range limiter implemented

10. Some fixes here and there, mostly gui-related

49.12 has comment fields for the user. GSB ignores these.