DATA Manager

Interval multiplier has been added. So you can now just use 1 minute bars and multiple by 30 etc.

You can also clone bar setups. ie if you have CL,NG,HG,RB 30 minute bar, you can clone and change the interval to 29 minute.

There also is now an option to deselect all data. You might want to do this say on WF, where when its deselected- it reverts back to opt price data.

GSB 49.05 On wards - Data manger supports all bars derived from 1 minute bars. Bug fixes, multiple export to PA files. To use this version, put the files in C:\GSB\GSB (Managers) & C:\GSB\GSB (Workers) and run these files instead of .44 version.

GSB 50.20 onwards can use bars > 1 minute to be multipled by values >1.

All versions can use just the bar interval you want to use. IE 30 miuntes * 1.