Stop Loss, Profit Target

I prefer to put a stop or profit target on the system when it's finished. If you are making a swing trade (overnight system) then use a stop and profit target. Minutes exit is for overnight systems where if the trade is open x minutes (several days) then a exit is forced.

If you are not day trading, put in a stop, profit target and optional minutes to force a open trade to close if its open too long. A profit target, IE $2000 may help reduce high gains in 2008 that may cause the system to curve fit for 2008. Fitness Vbase(med) may also help this issue, but I prefer to use previous discussed fitness's.

Max. Stop Loss

You can set Max. loss (in currency), excluding commission and slippage.

Trailing stop

stop trails by a fixed amount

Atr Trailing stop

Stop trails relative to average true range.

Profit Target

Profit target can be set. Set Profit (in currency), excluding commission and slippage.

Time of Day

With this you can Exit at certain time of the day.

MOC (Market On Close)

Similar to TradeStation's SetExitOnClose, but using BuyToCover and Sell functions instead. More suitable to live trading.

Built-In Market On Day Close

Use the built-in SetExitOnClose function. Faster, but recommended for back-testing only, no live trading.

(Trailing stops and other exits should be added in the fourth quarter of 2018.)

MOC On Losing Position

Exit on Day close if current position profit (Excluding commission) < 0

MOC On CloseD(1)

Exit on Day close if CloseD < CloseD(1) and Short if CloseD > CloseD(1)