For GSB version 64.45

This version may differ a bit from the trial version. Contact support if you  want to try a newer version of GSB. The trial version gets updated ever 2 to 3 months.

GSB purchasers can get updates roughly once per week.

This is a very quick overview of the most important GUI features. It is NOT a Complete guide how to use GSB, but  a quick guide on the most important GSB features.

For a quick Guide how to use GSB, see Quick Start video.

There are the following videos.

Quick start

GSB vs Adaptrade Builder

How to walk forward a trading system

How to make a natural gas day trading system

How to make a crude oil day trading system

How to get the free GSB S&P500 & Nasdaq futures day trading systems

Market validation 1. What session time to use?

Market Validation 2. Building systems & verifying on multiple time frames,markets and getting better out of sample results.

Market Validation 3. Macros and how to automate market validation and find the best and worst indicators. New April 2019

How to get better out of sample results, and improved methodology.

Execution from Tradestation to Interactive Brokers

Portfolio Analyst

Enhanced walk forward optimizer for Tradestation & MultiCharts.