Secondary-Filter Mode


You can use a genetic solution for secondary filter. Once the primary section of GSB has generated a signal, the secondary filter must also be true. As GSB matures, there will be more secondary filters programmed. We call these Truisms. GSB 2.0 will have a lot of features expanded in this area. This will lead to new markets that are GSB friendly.

For stock indices, CloseLessPrevCloseDBPV is a good default. For Other markets GeneticAlgorithm with the two closeD filters enabled.(CloseminusCloseDBPV,CloseOverCloseD)


If you are not sure, do some tests to see what works best. If you choose genetic with all indicators, when CloseLessPrevious close should be used, it will still work - just be much slower coming up with systems.


Here you can optimize the Parameters of the indicators. Defaults are recommend. If you are new to GSB, its best to use default settings.