April 20 2020 build

Added warning to fitness selection if 3 years of data is not removed before fitness selection is run.

April 1 2020 build

The most recent IS & OOS periods. To be documented later. Under test by Andrew of BTA.

Error traps for users who supply EWFO with bad data and or no trades.

March 12 2020 build

Further improved support for 4K monitors with high font scaling.

Ability to use Tradestation bin files that have been compressed using .7zip. This gives a 20 fold decrease in disk space.

Bug fixes for a few situations where Tradestation bin files gave errors loading.

Ability to only display certain results in the user interface.

Improved formatting of cluster analysis results.

Ability to stop any active WF process.

Feb 25 2020 build.

Better support for 4K monitors with high font scaling.

Header text that can appear on the top of the user interface.

Windows are somewhat move-able in size.

Parameters that hit the extreme optimization range are in red or orange. (red where the final parameter hit the extreme)

Future dates added for TS out of sample script.

Bug fixes.

Sound files added.

Jan 20 2020 build

Speed improvements, bug fixes, sound files when WF or batch has finished.

Sep 30 2019 build.

Auto update to the newest version.

Ability to save and load parameters.

Long and short walk forward. July 24 2019. See this link.

There are some new experimental features that have been added in May 16 2019 build

A walk forward can now be run in reverse order.


This is the RunsOOSBkwd feature.

The left graph is a normal WF. The right one the In Sample period has been reversed.

RunsIsFullPeriod uses in sample a little different from the default Runs OOS.

The in sample period is simply x% (30% shown) if the total period.

The reason RunsIsFullperiod was made was to overcome the situation below where clusters are prone to fail.

RunsIS is likely to be removed.