Change log

20211215. Fix bug for user OL*** where loading files hangs at 40%.

20211207.1 Suppress no trade warning if there are no trades in the files from TS.

20211013.1 Allow a WF to continue if TS is missing pricedata.bin

20210915.1 Added IsSummary.csv and OosSummary.csv in batch mode

20220707.1 A number of new fitness added.

run up per trade now added in the trade list

Fix for NP*AT*MFE*NPLATEentry fitness

New fitness's added in the performance reports (only if they are used)

20220729.1  Added custom fitness in IS/OOS grid.

20220905.1 Fix for error when there is no price data in the TS bin files.

20221201.1 Fix expiry date and WFE/ Annualized PL calculations.