You can use Tradestation & MultiCharts xml files, or PA format files when you insert Portfolio Analysts Strategy on a chart. The eld is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Portfolio Analyst\TradestationCode\PortfolioAnalyst1

METHOD1,  PortfolioAnalyst ELD.

If you are wanting to update results for PA Pro on a regular basis, it is faster to use the PortfolioAnalyst ELD, but a little more work to setup.

Insert the strategy (NOT INDICATOR) on your chart, and enter your system name. IE GSBsys1. Every time you open the chart, the trade list will be written again.

If you have interest in update after every trade, this can be done. There are issues however. See this topic.

PA cloud can also publish to the web, but this feature hasn't been released. It will not be a free service.

for an example of this see this link (updated each day)

METHOD2, Export the XML file.

Save Tradestation xml file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Portfolio Analyst\data

Repeat above for any other systems


Add the required slippage and commission (per side) , and contracts if they are not in the list.


Change weight on the amount of contracts you will use.