Version 2 of GSBsys1NQ.

Re-optimized parameters.

Multiple significant logic tweaks from the original version 1, but still very similar system to GSB1ES with 5++ years great out of sample results.

Two weeks work was put into this update, from which I learned a lot.

A max of 4 micro or Emini is allowed on GSB Sys1v2 NQ/MNQ systems

Report updated  August 31 2023

Version 1 out of sample April 29th 2017

Version 2 out of sample September 29 2022

Version 2.04 May 2023. Minor changes, new filter to reduce some trades and change to max trades per day logic

Now available for Ninja trader.

Version 2 - 15 minute out of sample October 26 2022

Report updated  August 31 2023

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