Bounce is out of sample since 2004. (yes that's not a typo)

Its an extremely robust system. When the market has had a significant drop, there will be a strong counter trend reversal. Bounce will look to catch the bullish reversal.

Bounce can trade futures on S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow, Russell 2000 & Dax, and there are a few variants of Bounce on S&P500 and Dax market.

Emini's and micro's can be traded.

While the systems and variants are significantly correlated, they still give greater diversity than many contracts on one market.

Bounce NQ ES Dow Russell Dax on special

Bounce Nasdaq Emini

BounceES1 Emini

BounceES2 Emini

BounceES2-RTY Emini

Bounce Russell1 Emini

Bounce Dax1 (full contract)

Bounce Dax2 $SPYC (full contract)

Bounce Dax2  (full contract)

Bounce Dow

Results below are using 20% of the weight of a full Dax Contract to emulate a mini Dax contract

Possible weighting of Bounce combinations by PA Pro with the amount of contracts capped at a max of two per system.