Recommended Hardware

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2022 July update

My personal top pick would be a used dual CPU Super Micro 2696v4

CPU,CPUbenchmarkspeed, cores,threads, watts in total.

i9-12900KS 44717 16 24  241W?? (must have 3 fan water cooler)

E5-2696v4 42836 40 80 290W (dual CPU)

I7 12700k  34449 12 20 190w socket: FCBGA1964

I5-12600KF 26934 10 16 125w This is a new and interesting option. It will be low power, likely run fewer GSB but faster than an 2696v2 with much less power consumption

E5-2696v2 dual 23525  24 48 300W???

I have not studied this much, but it seems the newer Intel motherboards have a max of 4 memory slots only.

2020 June update

If you don't want the older X9 machines like e5-2680-v2 there is the x10 series.

A dual e5-2699v3 is great performance, but e5-2690-v3 a bit cheaper. Contact us for details.

A used super micro dual xeon 2680v2 or 2690v2 server with 256 GB of ram is around the $1300 mark. Note the supplier shown may not have stock.

This is as fast as a Intel I9, but much cheaper. What makes is so much cheaper is DDR3 ram is a fraction of the cost of DDR4 ram

Note the Supermicro X9 does not always run reliably on Windows 10. Windows 2019 server better. Licenses are cheap on Ebay.

Consider also HP ProLiant DL380p G8 server

Dell Precision T7600 T7610 (workstation) These can come with one or two CPU

Dell Poweredge R720, R620,

IBM x3650 X3550 M4's

A guide for CPU choice is here. Do not use AMD, even the 2019 models. Its much slower for GSB.