GA Generations & GA Population

In this example 100 x 100 (10,000) WF tests will be done if you choose Genetic, rather than random space.  For a more through WF test you can use larger values, but it will slow the speed of WF down. Use 120 x 120 if using 3 indicators. If using 4 or 5 then you may need to increase this value to 150 150 or more. If it's too small results will be erratic each time you run a similar WF.

Genetic will work better than random space.  Too few WF tests and you get WF curve varying a lot each time you complete the same WF. If you have 5 indicators, you may need many more tests. Also if the systems using adaptive moving average (which has 3 parameters) many more tests are needed.

Number of WF tests is WF Generations * WF Population.

WF jobs can be sent to the GSB cloud / workers. This means you can do 100's or 1000's of WF. Do not submit a lot of WF to the manager / standalone as there is no protection in GSB to prevent your ram from being  used up. There is a que use in WF to the cloud, so submitting high number of ****