Common reasons for TS <> GSB.

i) The data is not the same. Load the GSB data files back into ts.

ii) The session times are not the same.

iii) The inputs in the TS code are not the same. This can happen if you paste a new GSB system into and old GSB code that's on a chart. The old settings will be used, not the new ones.

iv) Inputs Enabled. It is wise to set this to false. If its true, and you cut and paste TS/MC code to an existing strategy, then the previous inputs will be remembered by TS/MC. This is a very common error for TS/MC <> GSB

v) On some time zones, IE GMT 10, the Closed(1) function doesnt work correctly. As a test use a different time zone, or contact tech support.

To get check match score to appear, you need to right click the TS code. I'm not sure if this is working as we used the windows git/diff command to compare the files. I'm aware that this is an incomplete description.  Ask me if you need it.

There are extensive diagnostic tools in GSB to diagnose these issues, but normally this is done by GSB tech support.