Debug script.

Debug is only needed if GSB results <> Tradestation results. If results are 99% the same, then that's ok.

The TS code with diagnostic mode on is very slow to run due to a great deal of file writing. can be used to compare the TS output to GSB output. Contact support if you need to do this.

debug files are written in c:\gsb\Data\Debugs when debug is set to verbose. Do not use basic or verbose append.

This folder must be created on the Tradestation machine if it does not exist (GSB not installed on Tradestation computer)

The file will be written here.

Note there also should be text here.

If you do not get the script updated with this debug info, force GSB to update by updating dates via right click. Use the same dates settings as previously used.

The right click the code and export this into TS.

Note at this pont the TS and GSB results should be the same. If they are not, that is why we are here.

Install but don't run  BeyondCompare

Go you your folders and look at the files here> Note the file lengths are almost the same, but not exactly the same.

Right click both of the files and send to Beyond compare.

Check the start dates are the same. If they are not all lines will be wrong. If needed edit the file so start dates are the same.

Ignore errors in the first few months. It will take some bars for indicators to get in sync

Any lines that do not compare will be in bright red. Note we have tiny rounding error which is not significant, as the final equity was an exact match. We do not have to have an exact match, but it needs to be fairly close.