Application settings.

App settings are all the settings shown below.

These normally do not change even if you put GSB on other markets.

The most critical settings are workplace. These are used for GSB Manger / Worker settings.

Grace Period

You may wonder why you have different Unique System populated each time you do a test or why it doesn’t stop at exactly at the Unique system you set up at the beginning.

This is because the Grace Period. This is the time duration from when the Manager stops working and the Workers stops working.

Lets say you set up 1000 unique system to be build and Grace period is 30 second (By Default) Manager stops working after making 1000 system but Workers continue working that 30 sec period and makes few extra systems.

If you like GSB to product the exact the number of the system, you can keep the Grace Period to Zero, that will disable the Grace function and GSB will try to product exact number of Systems.