Contracts information

Under tools, contracts.

NAME: This name will be used internal to GSB when you go to the data section. See below in orange

NTNAME: This name is used in Ninja Trader

TYPE. Options normally used are Futures, cash, stock or indices

CUR: Currency. IE USD or EUR etc.

TICKS: The amount of ticks in one point. For S&P500 cash this is 4. ie price x,00, x.25, x.50,x.75 For Crude oil futures 100

PNT value: The value in dollars (currency to be precise) that 1 point movement will give. For example if you buy S&P 500 futures at 3000.00, and sell at 3001.00 then you have made a profit of $50

DIGITS: this is the amount of digits to the right of the decimal point. IE for S&P500 we can have price x,00, x.25, x.50,x.75. So we have 2 decimal points. Natural Gas futures could have a price of 2.345. So natural Gas has 3 digits to the right of the decimal point.

SF INDICATOR. This is the type of secondary filter to be used for the instrument. For indices, use CloseLessPrevCloseDBpv. For other instruments use Genetic Algorithm. This is only used when secondary filter is set to AUTO. (recommend)

EXCH TIME: A comment field only. Used so the user can record the exchange time.

LAST BAR: The time of the last bar in the .txt file exported from TS/MC/NT to GSB. Edit the file if you don't know what this is. The price file will normal be in "C:\GSB\Data\Price Data\"

This is used for market on close calculations. See picture below.

NOTES: A comment field only.