Walk forward

In this section we will discuss how to run a Walk Forward of a system. This section is very important and covered in detail on this you tube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQy-yP_kBMM

To walk forward, right click and choose 1 of the 4 options.

(Note: If you have 8 GBb of ram or less, do not use Multi-Threaded, or do more than 1 WF at a time)

Genetic WF.   If nearest is set to 60%, it will genetically optimize 30% above and 30% below the parameters found in the original system. If this exceeds the range allowed internally in GSB, it will shift the range away from GSB's internal indicator limit.

Random space will use the entire range of parameters that GSB allows for a indicator. Best to start with Genetic, but fine to double check with a random space. Random space may need more iterations than genetic to get a valid WF result. See # of random space tests at page 4.

Note, as of GSB, the dates used are the global dates, not the dates values.

Nth values will be used for WF as well. See picture below.