Stop loss

Stop loss can be genetically chosen. The range will be determined by the stop value.

Trailing stop and ATR (average true range) Trailing stop are generally used for over night trading systems.

Nov 2023 update. Plock break even has been added. This moves the stop to break even once a genetically optimized profit target has been achieved.

Plock variable locks in a a fixed positive or negative profit once a profit target has been achieved.

My testing on Long only overnight Nasdaq futures systems showed the profit lock break even was very worth while using. To be confirmed but ATR stop in conjunction with a fixed stop was also good.

ATRtrading stop, and Plockvariable gave significantly worse out of sample results on these Nasdaq long overnight systems.

All values chosen are genetically chosen, but a fixed stop of your choice can be used here. (recommend to use) See below.