GSB has 8 options for Secondary-Filter. We recommend Secondary –Filter Mode “Enabled” else system profits per trade are too low.

This is a very important setting, and the best results vary per market. Stock indices use closedLessPrevCloseDBPV.

This is one of the most common errors GSB users make, and its very important to get this correct.

Other markets GeneticAlgorithm with the two closeD filters enabled.(CloseminusCloseDBPV,CloseOverCloseD)

This section will change greatly when GSB 2.0 comes out. (late 2019)

GSB 54.90 now has AUTO mode for secondary filter. This uses the secondary filter that is set under a new field in contracts

In version 54.81, there is a new secondary filter called CloseLessPrevAverageFC. This will likely worked fine for stock indices, and stocks.

Initial testing seems to show it gives significantly different results from CloselessPrevCloseD

Secondary filters CoutnerTrend(2) were experimental, and my limited testing showed them not to work well on stock market indices.

If the secondary filter is on GA+, then the secondary filters used in built in indicators will be used. Recommend defaults for secondary filter are closeLessPrevClosedBPV and closeOverPrevCloseD. These same secondary filters are available form the SF Indicator selection (picture above), but they work differently. The GA secondary filters are normalized, and the non GA filters are not normalized. This makes a substantial difference in results and is critical to chose the correct secondary filter. (GA or non GA)

Normalized means the indicator is adjusted so the range will always fall between -100 and 100 - in our case in the last 100 bars.