Nth day

Temporarily Pause trading every nTh days. A much better option than using trading periods for out of sample testing is Nth day.

The reason for this is some years are just very hard to trade, and you don't know if a system failed to make money due to poor market conditions, or being a poor system.

If Nth day is set to 2, after every 2nd day, GSB will not trade on the next day. Once you have build your system, you can set Nth to trade. This will trade only the dates that GSB has not seen. This is an excellent out of sample test.

Nth day Mode

There are two option to select from:

Trade: Trade Nth days only.

DoNotTrade: Do not trade Nth days.

Nth day Period

Period (in Days) between Nth increment. For example, set to 1 for daily, 7 for weekly, and 30 for months. Recommened values are 80 or 1.

This option is in GSB admin mode only. For GSB purchasers only.