GoldminerSwing & GoldDigger GC trades in 5 minute bars, over a 24 hour session.

It is out of sample since 2018-08,

Trades typically are a few days long and can go long over the weekend.

However being long gold over a weekend means if there is a global adverse event, gold is more likely to go up than down.

The system can be traded on full contract or micro gold. Exit time of day is not critical, so can be adjusted from in the code inputs.

This is NOT a GSB system. Systems for sale deliberately have some 'human' made systems as it gives greater diversity in out of sample results - the goal being lower out of sample draw downs.

The logic of the two systems is similar, but entries are different in time. Exits are similar but can be adjusted as they are not very time sensitive.

This is the original 2018 version.

Updated  July 18 2023.



Gold futures day trading systems