This is a day trading Nasdaq Futures system that can trade the Emini or Emicro Nasdaq.

Max of 4 contracts (Emini or micro) allowed per purchaser to protect liquidity.

Stop size is $2000 for Emini, / $200 for Micro

Capital recommend is 4 * max draw-down = $4500 per micro

Contract limits of 4 Emicro or 4 Emini apply to preserve liquidity.

System out of sample approx  Feb 28 2021, but optimized in TS with data till April 1 2021

This system as is trades S&P500 futures, but ideally should be re-optimized. This may be released at a later date with a small upgrade price.

Report updated  August 31 2023

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Pyramid version. Max of 2 contracts. This system may not be updated as often as the process cant be automated due to PA pro exporter not being compatible with pyramiding.

Updated April 31 2022 - this will not be updated as the process can't be automated