"-F" Full Period
"-LD" Latest Days
"-R" Training
"-S" Test
"-SV" Test and Validation
#C/US Computations per unique system
% Percent Wins
AI Params Analysis Indicator (?) Parameters
AI-Walk Forward Analysis Indicator (?) Walk Forward
APC All Possible Combinations
Astab Anchored Stability. (legacy)  Anchored parameter stability in a walk forward test. >=40 is preferred. Also see Rstab

The logic behind this is in a good trading system, the best parameter should be find quickly, and remain stable as possible over numerous Walk Forward runs. Inversely if a parameter in a trading system is not stable, its less likely to be robust or stable.

Astab-C. This is Anchored parameter stability coarse. This gives some tolerance in parameter stability, before the Astab-C score os degraded.

For example average(close,x). If x was 99 vs 100 Astab would be degraded. Astab-C would not. But if x was 2 vs 3, Astab-C score would be.

AT Average Trade
C Number of Trades
Ci Custom Metric i
DD Draw-down
Diag. Diagnostics
Dts Dates Mode
Elaps. Time Elapsed
EWFO Enhanced Walk-Forward Optimization

Fav – Favorite. THere is A,B,C,D.
F Fitness
GD Good

GA  - Genetic Algorithm
GSB Genetic System Builder

GUI Graphical user interface

IS In-Sample
MC MultiCharts

MOC – “Market-on-close” order is a market order that will be executed at or just before the market  close
NP Net Profit
NP Entry Price
NR Entry Reason
NT Ninja Trader
Nth Trading Nth Day Mode
OOS Override Original Settings

OOS – Out of Sample
OOS% Percentage Out of Sample Bars
Opt. Price Data Optimization Price Data

Pearson's. This is the Pearson's correlation to a straight line. The x axis is normally the trade number, but can also be date. The perfect correlation score would be 1.
P ($) Profit in dollars, include commissions
P (pts) Profit in points
P (tks) Profit in ticks
PP Performance Period
Prom Pessimistic Rate of Return
PS Pass Score
PS - Dup. Pass Score including duplicates
PS - XD Pass Score not including duplicates
R Pearson Correlation
Rem. Time Remaining

Rstab. (legacy)  Rolling parameter stability in a walk forward test. >=62 is preferred. See also Astab.

Rstab-C. see This is Anchored parameter stability coarse. See Astab-C above.

SF Secondary Filter
SS Statistics Summary
Stus. Sum. Workplace Status Summary
TF Tertiary Filter
TPD Trading Price Data
TS Tradestation
VS Verification Score
VSS Verification Statistics Summary
WF Walk-Forward
WF Price Data Walk-Forward Price Data
WF TPD Walk-Forward Trading Price Data
WFP Walk-Forward Parameters
WFS Walk-Forward Status

VIP – Very important

Walk forward efficiency. This is the annualized rates of return for the out-of-sample results divided by the in-sample results.

XP Exit Price
XR Exit Reason
XT Exit Datetime