Genetic Algorithm settings.

Recommened to leave on default settings.

Note: Advanced Features are highlighted in Red, and discussed here. For details to other please check “Basic Manual”

With the above settings, GSB will have a population of 200 systems, and improve for 1000 generations.

That's 200,000 iterations * 100 restarts, till it finishes. (Unless you hit the stop button)

A restart gives GSB a new random selection of systems.

Random Seed.

Leave blank normally. If a number is entered, GSB will give identical results each time its run. Useful for debugging, benchmarking etc.

Max. Crossover Attempts

If GA enter a long look for N crossover attempts, then GA will auto break it and continue as normal.

Early-Stop Reset-and-Restart (%)

If GA stopped before N% of the total tests (# of generation * population size), then GA will auto reset the random seed (and intimal population) and restart optimization.

It will loop(restart) 1 time for each number here. Each loop makes a new initial population. If you want GSB to run longer, increase restarts to a larger value.

Some tests were done on combinations of population / restarts / generations.

see  (for paid GSB users only)