Exit after x minutes


Exit after x bars

Max Stop loss

This is a fixed static stop loss.

Profit Target

Trade is exited when profit target is reached.

Times of day

Trade is exited at this time of day. Fine to leave blank if market on close is used.

If time >= time1 and time <=time2, then we will exit.

MOC Market on close exit

Exit at MOC time defined in contracts. See tools contracts list.

End of week exit (Friday)

To use EndOfWeek UN-tick MOC exit and tick EndOfWeek

Also have only Friday session close ticked.

Built in market on close.

This uses the setexitonClose Easylanguage word which reduces coding.

For live trading you may wish to turn this off. Some markets you will need to exit before MOC time.

For Ninja Trader you must use GSB exit. Otherwise no NT code will be generated.

MOC for loosing trades.

Exit trade at MOC only if trade is not in the money. For making overnight systems.

MOC on Closed(1)

For long trades, exit at MOC if the daily close is < yesterdays close. For Short this is inverted.

See also Exit Modes for 7 other additional exits.