Release Candidate 2 (RC2 ES/ER/EMD)

Please see BROKER STATEMENTS for 14 months real time results.

RC2 is a system that trades about 6 times per month. RC2 always exits market on close. This is an update to the RC1 SYSTEM

The updates were enhanced optimization by the TRADEMAID ENHANCED WALKFORWARD OPTIMIZER, and some additional filters being added.

Stop size is $2500, and profit target $3000. Recommenced capital US$12,000. (4 times max historical draw-down)

Please email for reports on Russell 2000 and S&P Mid Cap 400.

Past performance does not guarantee future profits. Trading involves considerable risk. Actual slippage is likely to be higher than figures used, but varies according to market liquidly, number of contracts traded etc.

Results below exclude system costs & include $30 slippage and commission.