Computer Generated Strategy Builder

An example of a system generated by our propriety Computer Aided Strategy Builder.

TradeMaid has spent 2 years of intensive work to make a proprietary Computer Aided Strategy Builder.

C.A.S.B. try's millions of combinations of standard and proprietary indicators, to find trading systems that appear to work. After these initial tests, more random out of sample testing is done to validate results. This is then followed by extensive walk forward testing to validate the system. After true out of sample testing, live trading the system is then released. This is a proven methodology that can produce better and more systems than a human mind.

The first concept system to be produced by a beta version of TradeMaid C.A.S.B was RC1-ER (Release Candidate 1, Emini Russell 2000). This system is still traded today, but has had enhanced optimization methodology applied more recently.




















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