Doing A WF of GSB system

GSB has its own WF that is much faster than TS. However if you add your own code into GSB, you cannot do a WF in GSB.

GSB however has done most of the hard work for you in its WF, and so you now have a good idea of the range that GSB found is best for the inputs.

IE the first input has a range of 28 to 50. So i chose the range of 25 (below 28) to 75 (above 50). With hind-site I should have done 23 to about 55 step 5. My logic for not going about 50 (50 +5) is the system long term found 28 was the best value, so I would expect there to be no need to go to the other extreme of 75. A smaller step of say 2 also might have been better, but then the iterations might be too big.